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Combining Quantum Mechanics and Gravity in a Theory That Also Explains Dark Matter and Dark Energy

In this website I have reconsidered the foundations of quantum mechanics. The result of this effort was Digital Wave Theory (DWT). DWT introduces a major new concept of how things (energy and particles) move via λ-hopping. See Section11 and Section12.

This λ-hopping concept results in a better understanding of gravity:

  1. a. quantum gravity (Section17)

  2. b. dark matter (Section20)

  3. c. dark energy (Section19)

And all this was accomplished without clobbering Einstein’s general relativity (see Section20).

This was done by turning the starting postulate of general relativity from mass curves spacetime to mass causes a widely distributed network of massive gravitons that cause spacetime to have a gradient index of refraction. It is this index of refraction that makes light (and matter) curve. An experiment is outlined in Section21.

Does this new theory have any merit?
I believe it does in that I was able to calculate the precession of Mercury about the Sun using the properties of gravitons. This result was in agreement with observation and general relativity. See Section20.

In Section 18 (Gravitons Explain Gyroscopes) an explanation of how gyroscope motion is referenced to the background of stars is given. I believe this is the first rational explanation of Mach’s Principle.

Even if this theory has some merit, it is nowhere near complete. Physics is amazing, but I believe that completeness is not one of its properties. And it keeps on getting better.

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