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Don Limuti is the creator of this website. He obtained a BSEE degree from The City College of New York and has presented several technical papers at IEEE events. 

Essay contests:

1.  Making Time with Pretty Girls and Hot Stoves

2.  Gravity from the Ground Up
section 17 and section 19 of this website for
     revised thoughts on gravity.

3.  Making Waves

4.  An Elephant in the Room
Information, Misinformation and High Philosophy
Steering the Future to Education (not quite physics    
     but important)

He would like to see higher education made available for all who desire it.

e-mail: don.limuti@gmail.com        

I found this lion not too far from the birthplace of Columbus in Genoa, Italy.

Special thanks to mathematics Professor Joseph Mazur       (I think he has dibs on the Lion):
His book about Zeno’s paradoxes was inspirational. Visit his website and checkout his most informative and beautiful books.   www.josephmazur.com


Explorations published by the Prespacetime Journal:

Geometry of Dark Energy:


A Quantum Mechanical View of Mercury’s Orbit:


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