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Why did I hijack the term “graviton”?                                                                                   

Conventionally the term graviton was used to indicate a mediator particle, a quantum mechanical entity that has a particle like aspect and a wavelike aspect.

This fits with what I call a
λ-hopper and this fits with my concept of a graviton.

However, there are some distinctions in the graviton as I conceive it. I believe the graviton to be a neutrino with a very long wavelength. This is just an educated hunch based on results of experiments done by the astronomical neutrino experiment “Ice Cube” (see link). The distance the neutrino hops is the distance between gravitational objects.

I also postulated that the graviton was very much like a photon, but a photon like thingy that connects masses. The energy of the graviton will be like the energy of the photon and will come in photon quanta as developed my Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

To make the distinction clearer I took the paragraph below from a CERN website (see link) and annotated it with blue text.

A little piece of gravity?

Some theorists suggest that a particle called the “graviton” is associated with gravity in the same way as the photon is associated with the electromagnetic force. (I basically agree with this) If gravitons exist, it should be possible to create them at the LHC, but they would rapidly disappear into extra dimensions. (yes it possible to create them, and LHC is producing them whenever it converts a Planck mass to energy. I substitute the hocus-pocus of disappearing into extra dimensions with the hocus-pocus of just plain disappearing via λ-hopping). Collisions in particle accelerators always create balanced events – just like fireworks – with particles flying out in all directions. A graviton might escape our detectors, leaving an empty zone that we notice as an imbalance in momentum and energy in the event. We would need to carefully study the properties of the missing object to work out whether it is a graviton escaping to another dimension or something else. This method of searching for missing energy in events is also used to look for dark matter or supersymmetric particles. (This is a valid technique that has been very successful...in fact it is basically the way that the neutrinos where first postulated and detected in beta decay).

The graviton neutrino can  be of short wavelength and detectable in a particle collider... that little piece of gravity is interesting but is not the main event. The neutrino that acts as a graviton becomes really interesting on the astronomical stage where its wavelength is thousands of light years and it is the essence of dark matter and dark energy. I believe the Ice Cube experiment has discovered gravitons (neutrinos) that have been liberated in Supernova due to the conversion of mass to energy (see Section 36).

The Ice Cube neutrino events are incredibly powerful because there are lots of neutrinos released simultaneously in supernova events as a result of kilograms of mass being converted to energy. If we had to detect a single neutrino from a supernova event, it would be incredible difficult.

Yes the graviton is a mediator particle that I dressed in photon like clothes to see how it would look. I think it looks good in these clothes. My apologies to the physics community for having hijacked the term graviton.

The neutrino as a particle was been problematic because it is a “shape-shifter”....we see it as different kinds of particles because our measurement tools can not handle ludicrously long wavelength phenomena very well.