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Why Dark Energy and Dark Matter are just particular accumulations of graviton mass?                                                                                   

I consider the graviton to consist of a neutrino and its wavelength and that this construct takes the form of a Compton wavelength which is the essence of mass. (see Section 29)
All gravitons have the form of a Compton wavelength λ=h/mc where the wavelength λ is the distance separating the masses. The postulated mass of a graviton (m) is thus given by the formula: m = h/dc.


In the universe there are two basic accumulations of starstuff:

Galaxy starstuff: In individual galaxies the stars are close together and are usually rotating about a core. In this instance we speak of the dark matter contained in the galaxy because we can see the galaxy has an unexpected rotation due to the extra graviton mass. This extra mass comes from the gravitons connecting the individual stars in the galaxy. These gravitons have more mass than intergalactic gravitons because they are separated by smaller distances d. See section 20

The intergalactic starstuff: The number of galaxies in the universe are much more numerous than the stars in an individual galaxy. These inter-galactic gravitons contain masses that comprise the dark energy contained in the universe. This extra graviton mass is distributed in such a way as to make the universe expand at an accelerated rate. These galaxy to galaxy gravitons have less mass than inter-galaxy gravitons, but they outnumber the inter-galaxy gravitons and are dominant in the universe. See section 19.